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Jun 04, 2010 · One of the most important aspects of output tubes is the quality of the vendor as far as tube matching and overall service. I adore Doug at Doug's tubes (dougstubes), and the Tube Store in Canada. The Tube Depot in Memphis does a good job, especially for the SED 6550 (they are the US importer). Doug's Tubes Review Fender Stratocaster Guitar ForumMay 18, 2019 · Jun 3, 2009. Location:Mobile Bay, Alabama. Doug has taken care of my tube 'needs' for many years. You can jump on the JJ train, buy what newbies might recommend, or consider Doug's Tubes. Hint:Don't waste his time. Let him know two things:what type valves your amp has, and what those do, phase inverter, etc.

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The vacuum tube manufacturers listed here are the "real" current manufacturers of every audio tube currently being made. Brands such as Groove Tubes, Ruby Tubes, Fender, and others are relabeling the tubes from these makers.Buying the real thing from the original vacuum tube manufacturer saves you money and allows you to compare the sounds of different types more easily - because you know Los Angeles - My City:Vacuum tube post from the past Feb 07, 2011 · A spinoff from now-defunct state factory Tesla factory. Outside of Slovakia, JJ tubes are often sold under the Teslovak or Tesla brandname. Groove tubes is a major distributor. Types in production:GZ34, KT88S, EL34, E34L, ECC803S, ECC83/12AX7, EL84, Mesa Tubes The Gear PageJun 23, 2021 · Here is a handy page of manufacturers, all of them. Last edited:Jun 22, 2021. Waxhead Member. Messages 6,171. Jun 22, 2021 #3 Vacuum Tubes for Mesa Amps Dougstubes Tubes for Mesa Amps. dougstubes gunslinger Member. Messages 3,867. Jun 22, 2021 #4

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Rectifiers. Rectifier tubes help convert AC current to DC current, playing a pivotal role in helping supply power to other tubes in the amp. Though the guitar signal never actually passes through the tube, different rectifiers can have an impact on how your amp sounds. Rectifiers can influence the "touch", "feel", and sustain of your amp The Future of Vacuum Tubes Gretsch-Talk ForumAug 21, 2020 · I've been using 100% JJ tubes for the last fifteen years. They will most likely be the last producer of tubes. My arsenal includes samples (5751, 5881, etc.) of everything I could use (except their high gain 12AX7 preamp). Tube Supplier and cross reference thread What's Best Jan 05, 2020 · Most 'fests have one or two "tube suppliers" who provide tubes for the ham radios. These guys generally deal in bulk, buying huge lots of tubes containing TV, transmitter, radio and a few audio tubes and selling to the respective users. These guys can be a gold mine! If you are a serious tube collector, this is the way to go.

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Aug 13, 2013 · Mullard tubes were one of the most respected brands of tubes back when vacuum tubes were a big consumer product. New 'Mullard' tubes don't have any real connection to the old manufacturer.Customer Reviews - Vacuum Tubes For Guitar Amps and Hifi Customer Reviews. Thanks Doug. Your site rules and I use it all the time. Some of the best customer service in the industry, too. Thank you for fulfilling my order so quickly. The tubes arrived today, safe and sound (good sound). I appreciate your excellent service. We had been speaking back and forth regarding tubes for my Marshall JCM 900 amp