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20F1224PL 2" Square X 24FT Length Telespar Telescoping

Availability:1997 FT. SKU. 20F1224PL. Manufacturer:Unistrut. Length. Please select length 1 FT 2 FT 3 FT 4 FT 5 FT 6 FT 7 FT 8 FT 9 FT 10 FT 11 FT 12 FT 13 FT 14 FT 15 FT 16 FT 17 FT 18 FT 19 FT 20 FT 21 FT 22 FT 23 FT 24 FT. Strut Length. Qty: Edge Unistrut Telespar for Indus & OEM App[email protected] tqco Electrical & Meta/ Products [email protected] TELESCOPING SQUARE TUBING for Industrial & OEM Applications VERSATILE, REUSABLE, ECONOMICAL Use the Telespar System to fill your building needs in almost any application. racks, shelving, ceiling grids, conveyor systems, interior partitions, adjustable platforms,

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22F1024PL Unistut 2-1/4" Square X 24FT Length Telespar Telescoping Square Tubing - No Holes - Plain Finish **Product sold in 24 foot lengths only** FROM $14.16 / FT price:14.160000 final price:14.16 Availability:Currently out of stock TELESPAR TELESCOPING SQUARE TUBING for TELESPAR® TELESCOPING SQUARE TUBING for Industrial & OEM Applications * Standard Unistrut® channel fittings will not work on Telespar.® Both tubes must be same size. ** Distance from end of tube to center of first hole. COMPONENTS VERSATILE, REUSABLE, ECONOMICAL Tubing holes are 7/16" diameter, one inch on center, which accommodates Telescopic Square Sign Posts - Unistrut MidwestThe unique manufacturing method used to produce Telespar sign post tubing permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size making adjustment, reinforcement and splicing fast and easy. Telespar tubings square shape also provides superior windload capabilities and

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Telestrut and Telespar are telescoping square tubing profiles that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. The Telestrut line is custom designed to work with Unistrut Metal framing P1000 profiles. The Telespar line ranges from 1 to 2.5 in 0.25 increments. Telescoping Square Tube Guide - Telescopic TubeTelestrut is Unistrut compatible whereas Telespar does not telescope with Unistrut. Telestrut only comes perforated while Telespar is available in perforated and non-perforated configurations. The most common sizes in telescoping square tube are:1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/4, 2-3/16 & 2-1/2. Telespar Unistrut Telescopic Square TubingGenerally, the inner tube dimensions need to 1/4" less than the outer telescopic tube. For example, if you wanted to make a telescoping mechanism with the outer tube being 2" x 2". You would use 1.75" x 1.75" square tubing for the inner tube material. Here are more examples of a single stage configuration:

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Strut & Supply offers access to a full line of Unistrut, Power-Strut and Aikinstrut products, and many more. We have more than 65 years of experience supplying metal framing products to the Construction, Medical and Distribution industries, as well as OEMs. What is the difference between Telestrut and Telespar Telestrut is perforated square steel tubing designed to telescope with Unistrut P1000, P1100, P4001, and P4101 channel. You can also pair Telestruts P9200 (1-7/8 square) and P9000 (1-5/8 square) to form a telescoping unit. Telestrut is available in Unistrut PL (Plain), GR (Perma-Green II) and PG (Pre-Galvanized Zinc) finishes.Telespar Telescoping Square Tubing - Unistrut MidwestTelespar square tubing is available in solid or perforated tube sections. The perforated holes are 7/16 and spaced 1 on centers, except for the 1-1/4 which have 11/32 holes on 1 centers. Telespar for Industrial and OEM Applications Use the Telespar system to fill