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Aug 06, 2016 · Uncheck "Use hardware acceleration" (Menu> Settings> Show Advanced Settings > System menu). Try resetting the Chrome browser. If the issue still persists, download and run Chrome Canary. It is the cutting edge developer version of Chrome that can Fixed:Backspace Not Working on Windows 10

    See full list on tencomputerArrow keys, enter and backspace keys not working on Jun 04, 2020 · Users often face this issue when using the backspace key, enter key or, arrow keys inside Google Docs and the service fails to register any of the keys that you type. The issue appears to persist when a virtual keyboard is enabled and you clicked on the dropdown button to

    Problem.with.my.spacebar.enterkey.and.backspace [Solved] -

    May 22, 2019 · well my keyboard worked fine again. I press spacebar, enter key, and backspace all at the same time for like 5 seconds and it suddenly they all worked properly. I don't know if I just got lucky. or is this what they call sticky keys not sure. but I hope the problem won't happen again. if it does I hope the solution would be the same.Enter., Backspace and the navigation keys not responding Aug 30, 2011 · Once I did this I could use the Enter, Backspace and Navigation keys again. I believe that Alt + Enter may also work. I don't often get into this state and the above solution does not solve the underlying problem. I believe that it may have something to do with ReSharper but have not figured out if this assumption is true or not.